About the guarantees

When "Yes" and when "NO" do I have the right to demand my guarantee?

In Nutrieve we have the best delivery service on the market, so we offer a guarantee in which if you do not receive your order land in 5 maximum air .
This warranty and its conditions apply to lost shipments

General conditions for a cashback to be valid

If you click on buy you are explicitly accepting that you have read, understood and clarified your doubts about this section and all others

  • Your address and data in general must be correct, with sufficient references and complete. Cell phone number, full name, number, colony, zip code, city or municipality and state. Between which streets, facade color, if it is home, office, business, etc.

Land and Air Shipping.

  • When shipping is free or when your area is difficult to access for DHL there is no guarantee that it arrives on time, however if it is covered in case your order is lost due to causes beyond your control.

To find out if your zip code is difficult to access, go to the following page and make a quote and check the delivery frequency: http://dct.dhl.com/input.jsp

Look at the tentative delivery date:

To quote choose the country Mexico, the sender's zip code (55520) and your zip code.

Then click on "Search", see how many days there is between the shipping date "shipping day" and the delivery date "Estimated Delivery"

Example 1: If you place an order on Monday at 3 PM your order will be sent on Tuesday at 2 PM and from that time is when you will count the 48 hours warranty.

Example 2 : If you place your order on a weekend, holiday or bridge, you will have to wait until 2 PM the next business day so that your order is sent and from that time you will have the 48 hours guarantee for your product to arrive.

Other cases

When your order arrives crushed, open, very damaged we will replace it at no extra cost.