Shipping to United States

Shipments to the United States

Disclaimer: All advertising, banners, messages and communication in is aimed at customers within the Mexican Republic, if you are in the United States ignore the information on the page and just rely on the following questions: </ p>

Do you ship to the United States?

Yes, by DHL.

What are the prices for the United States?

Price of 1 bottle of Satial Food: $ 45.54 USD

Satial Price 3 Pack: $ 114.11 USD

Shipping price: $ 60.17 USD

How long does my order arrive?

2 to 5 business days.

I see that the page says "free shipping", is this true?

Free shipments, express shipments, air shipments, etc., are addressed to the public within the Mexican Republic. At the moment, NO free shipping to the United States.

What exchange rate are you taking with reference to USD / MXN?

0.05715 USD

Remember that, if you have more questions, you can write to the chat or by email and we will gladly answer you.