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Satial Food Two Pack Ahorro
Satial Food Two Pack Ahorro
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Satial Food Two Pack Ahorro

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It is a carbohydrate inhibitor that is added added to already prepared foods , when use it you make your body not absorb up to 75% of the carbohydrates you consume.

Use it in your daily food, Satial Food is not a medicine so you can use it in any food that has high carbohydrate content.

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With clinical and preclinical trials that confirm its ability to decrease the absorption of carbohydrates and before sprinkling Satial Food in our lasagna,

First, we tell you what Satial Food is and how it works

It is a food supplement that is made from Phaseolus vulgaris, and although it sounds vulgar, we are referring to an active compound from beans and an amino acid profile.

But no, it's not the same as eating the bean inside the taco, because the company that created this product designed a process to extract only the component that prevents you from absorbing carbohydrates in your body and made it powder (well, no so literal, but it is a powder that you can add to your meals without changing its flavor and it is a specific and purified nutrient of phaseolamin)

What Satial Food does is control the absorption in your body of 75% of the carbohydrates you consume, so your body only assimilates and uses 25% of the carbohydrates you eat.

In a practical example, if you're going to eat a full cupcake, your body will only get ¼ of the cupcake's calories and the rest will discard it.

It is important to know that clinical scientists have explained that the extract of Phaseolus vulgaris (which has been patented and used in creating Satial Food) has been shown to reduce the absorption and digestion of starch present in food by 75%.

Satial Food and the prevention of some diseases

Excess carbohydrates (pasta, rice, bread, fajitas, tortilla, cakes) is one of the main problems in the Mexican diet, which contributes to being overweight and increasing the number of people suffering from diseases derived from eating habits in the country.

And, although Satial Food is not a medication, nor is it currently prescribed as a treatment for diseases caused by high glucose levels, by reducing the caloric impact of foods rich in starch, it also decreases the response of glucose and the index glycemic.

Satial Food and weight control

Satial Food is a controller of the absorption of the total carbohydrates that you consume during its use, that is, if you have a portion of rice and you add Satial Food, your body will only recognize ¼ of the portion that you have ingested. < / p>

75% of that consumption (including its calories) will be blocked and discarded by the body, without generating fat accumulation (fat in the hips or belly) or chemical reaction in the body.

This helps in the process of implementing new eating habits little by little, without suffering from the radical decrease in carbohydrates in your diet (since it will not be necessary). And when you use Satial Food with a proper diet and weight exercise, you will be able to decrease your weight in a controlled and healthy way.

However, you must remember that there are 3 macronutrients (foods that provide calories) within a healthy diet:

  • Carbohydrates (that Satial Food will help you with your control)
  • Proteins (you must take care to consume the adequate amount to increase satiety and muscle composition)
  • Fats (which provide a considerable amount of calories per serving, and that you should control your consumption at a healthy level)

Satial Food will help you control the calories that accumulate from carbohydrates, but if you don't have control of the consumption of the other macronutrients, you will only maintain your weight.

If you combine Satial Food with exercise and a balanced diet, you can lose weight in a constant, healthy and accurate way.

What scientific support does Satial Food have?

SATIAL FOOD has been studied more than a dozen times, being part of clinical studies since 2001 and thanks to the fact that NutriEve has demonstrated its safety and efficacy, it decided to bring it to Mexico exclusively.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) conducted an extensive review of clinical data and information in 2006, and once again confirmed its efficacy. Likewise, the premises under which it was studied were approved:

  • "Helps control weight when used in conjunction with a diet and exercise program"
  • "Reduces the enzymatic digestion of starch present in food."
  • "It is a safe product to use"

The ingredient of SATIAL FOOD CARB CONTROLLER is included in the GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) list of the FDA (USA) and is also a product endorsed by the Argentine Society of Obesity.

How will it work in your body? Know the mechanism of action of Satial Food

The most important source of calories consumed by humans is starch, or starch, a macromolecule made up of polysaccharides. In order to be assimilated, the starch must be degraded by enzy imas in glucose.

The result of this chemical process (sugars) is used by the body as energy or as accumulated fat, to produce energy later if necessary (fat reserves)

The active content in Satial Food manages to selectively block amylase and thus reduces the absorption and digestion of carbohydrates by up to 75%, without affecting the digestion of healthy carbohydrates present in fruits and whole grains.

That is, you get the nutrients from what you eat, but not the calories and simple carbohydrates.

The last thing you need to know How are you going to consume it?

You should simply sprinkle a large amount of Satial Food on your high carbohydrate meals, such as bread, quinoa, pasta, rice, cakes.

It can be used in hot or cold food, salty foods or desserts, as its effect remains and does not alter the taste of food significantly.

Order your Satial Food in NutriEve and take advantage of the benefits that this carbohydrate blocker has for your body that is giving something to talk about in the rest of Latin America.

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