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Carb Controller. Satial Food- 50 Gramos
Carb Controller. Satial Food- 50 Gramos

Carb Controller. Satial Food- 50 Gramos

Satial Food is an effective carbohydrate blocker that arrives to North America with ZentenoShop.

Lose weight while eating the rolls and pastries that you like so much, keep reading and buy your

Satial Food.

2020-07-20 $97.00

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With clinical and preclinical trials confirming its ability to decrease carbohydrate absorption and before sprinkling Satial Food in our own food,


first, we want to tell you what Satial Food is and how it works


This product is a food supplement that is made from Phaseolus vulgaris, an active compound found in beans and amino acids. Beans are ideal for providing nutrients in our diet, but this is not about Satial Food.

The company that created this product extracts only the component that prevents you from absorbing carbohydrates and pulverized it, so that you can add it to your meals without changing its original flavor.


Satial Food also provides you with a specific and purified phaseolamine nutrient, which helps you lose weight.



<<It is important that you know that clinical scientists have explained that the Phaseolus vulgaris extract has been shown to reduce the absorption and digestion of starch present in food by 75%.>>


Satial Food controls the absorption of 75% of the carbohydrates you consume, so your body only assimilates and uses 25% of the carbohydrates you eat, which is great when you planned a hamburger party.

Satial food and disease prevention

The excess of carbohydrates (pasta, rice, bread, corn, chips, others high carbs snacks) is one of the main problems in the American diet, which promotes overweight. The increasing amount of people suffering from diseases caused by eating habits in the country is alarming. Frequent use of Satial food can help avoid this situation.

And, although Satial Food is not a medicine but a dietary supplement, it can reduce the caloric impact of starchy foods, decreasing the glucose response and high glycemic index in your body

Satial Food and weight control

Satial Food is a controller of the absorption of total carbohydrates that you consume during use.

Example, if you have a serving of rice and add Satial Food, your body will only recognize and use ¼ of the portion you have eaten discarding the rest through the evacuation

75% of that consumption will be blocked and discarded by the body, without generating the accumulation of fat in the hips. legs or belly.

Nor will these foods make a chemical reaction (high glucose, insulin, etc.) in the body either

This helps in the process of implementing new eating habits step by step, without suffering from the radical carbohydrate’s decrease  in your diet (since it will not be necessary).

When you use Satial Food with a proper diet and weight training, you can reduce your weight in a controlled and healthy way.

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